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Security enhancement: Credit cards are safely stored

We have enhanced the security of credit card processing in the booking engines of The card details will be stored in an external PCI compliant environment, which has the highest PCI-DSS level 1 certification, ensuring protection of your guest's card details.



What security measures were already in place?
Your guest's personal details and card information have always been safe.

  • No storage of card details Credit card details were not stored, but sent to the hotel directly, to ensure this sensitive information cannot be obtained via our servers
  • Encrypted connection Credit card details were already secured via an encrypted https-connection. Guests can see this security certificate in the address bar of their browser


What has changed?
Only when you are used to looking up card details via reservation confirmations manually, you will notice this change.

  • Getting card details for manual processing Card details are now stored on a PCI compliant server from an external partner. A booking confirmation now contains a link to view card details. You will have to login with your PCI account to view the full credit card details of the reservation
  • No change for PMS or channel managers If your hotel PMS system or channel manager is connected to our booking engines, there will be no change. You will still receive the full credit card details in your PMS or channel manager
  • No change for guests Guests will not notice this change, as the credit card form remains the sameHC-PCI-cardform.png


Which reservations are affected?
These changes apply to all bookings which are made via our Marketing Platform or via the Responsive Booking Engine, which is integrated in the Responsive Hotel Website and Mobile Website.


Note To view card details, see the article Viewing credit card details



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