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The importance of an SSL-certificate on your website

Security is our top priority. Therefore we optimise our products, not only on features, speed and reliability, but also on security. Many security measures within the programming code of the products are invisible to users. An SSL-certificate is one of the security measures that is clearly visible in a user's browser. 

This article covers:

Placing an SSL-certificate is optional to a website. Search engines and browsers are using security certificates more and more and online security becomes more and more important these days. Therefore we strongly recommend hotels to have an SSL-certificate on their website. 

Note If you have a website which is hosted by, please contact your account manager to purchase an SSL-certificate subscription. If your website is not hosted by us, you need to contact the company that hosts your website



How do I know if my website has an SSL-certificate?
A website has an SSL-certificate if you see a lock icon in the address bar. The website address should also start with "https://". Some browsers also show the word "Secure" in the address bar.

Image: "Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari showing a website with SSL"


Why do I need an SSL-certificate?
SSL-certificates protect sensitive information of your guests. With an SSL-certificate, data such as contact forms, are sent over a secured encrypted connection. Some reasons to have an SSL-certificate are:

  • It keeps data secure between servers
  • It increases your search engine rankings
  • It enhances customer trust
  • It improves conversion rates

Furthermore, some browsers will begin to warn visitors for websites that are not secured with an SSL-certificate. For now users see an information icon, however Google is planning to show a "Not secure" warning for all websites without an SSL-certificate.

Image: "The address bar of a website with and without an SSL-certificate"


What type of SSL-certificates are available?
Depending on the size of your company and on the effort you want to make, there are two options for SSL-certificates:

  • A regular certificate without company name (recommended)
  • An extended certificate with company name


Why is a regular certificate recommended?
The only benefit of an extended certificate is that guests can see the name of your holding next to the green lock icon. We recommend the regular certificate because:

  • The application of an extended certificate can take some days and you need to do some work to apply for it, as it needs (1) verification of domain name holder, (2) company data and (3) applicant data

  • As the application of an extended certificate is more complex, we recommend a regular certificate keeping the application process to a minimum, still providing your guests with the best SSL security

For hotel chains with many hotels, where the chain name is widely known, we do recommend the extended certificate.


Why is there a monthly charge for an SSL-certificate?
There are different pricing levels of SSL-certificates, depending on the organisation that provides the certificate. 

"The website's server uses a certificate to prove the website's identity to browsers, like Chrome. Anyone can create a certificate claiming to be whatever website they want. To help you stay on safe on the web, Chrome requires websites to use certificates from trusted organizations."

Source: Google Chrome Help


Trusted organisation
A trusted organisation for your certificate is important:

  • The company that works with to provide SSL-certificates is chosen from an extensive range of companies

  • These companies have been pre-selected by our hosting provider and are companies that are trusted by all major browsers

  • The pricing of the SSL-certificate includes installation on our servers, a dedicated IP-address to host the certificate on, a special firewall and yearly renewal of the certificate

  • The pricing of our certificates offers you a competitive price and still ensuring the best security

  • The certificate works on more browser types and older versions of these browsers

Note Some providers offer budget certificates. A budget certificate is not a solution for a safe, reliable website

Budget certificates
There have been some security breaches from hackers on certificates from budget providers, where information can be intercepted or where certificates could be used on a malicious website.

It is also important that a certificate works on many browser types and older versions, which budget certificates not always do. We do not offer budget certificates, as safety and reliability are number one. 



If you have any questions on the pricing or if you with to purchase an SSL-certificate subscription, please contact your account manager. If your website is not hosted by us, you need to contact the company that hosts your website.



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