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Optimise your images in the responsive booking engine

From now on, it is possible to upload high-quality images in the responsive booking engine of Since footage determines 70% of the user experience (the other 30% is text), it is of great importance to have images of good quality. In turn, this will serve improved conversion rates and thus more commission-free reservations!

Images can be uploaded in's extranet.

What are the requirements that your images should meet?

  • Images should have a maximum width of 2000 pixels
  • The maximum size of one image is 8 MB (an image of proper quality is usually 1 to 2 MB)
  • The most suitable pictures are those in landscape format (horizontal images)
  • Vertical images are automatically cropped to landscape format
  • Images are automatically cropped to 4:3 proportions
  • It can take up to 60 seconds before the images are visible, which is due to server synchronisation
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