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Cross sell on room pages

Clients using our Responsive Hotel Website are now able to show other rooms on the room page. For instance, a client is looking for a twin room while it is not available for the selected period. In that case, the double room is shown as an alternative. This new functionality enables the hotelier to generate more cross- and upselling by triggering guests to book more expensive rooms. You could activate this function in the CMS of the Responsive Hotel Website. 

You could activate this setting by going to: CMS > go to the tab ''hotel'' and then ''rooms'' > select a room > then go to ''cross-selling'' > tick the check box for the rooms that you'd like to offer as an alternative and don't forget to hit the save button.

Please note: in order to properly use this new function, it is important to check whether the Room ID of the specific room type is correct. You can find the Room ID in the extranet of by going to: login via > go to the tab ''hotel data'' > in the left column, there's an overview of all room types > next to each room- and ratetype, you'll see a code in between brackets > you need the code of the room type.

You can add this Room ID to the CMS by taking the following steps: log on to the CMS > go to the tab ''hotel'' and go to ''rooms'' > select a room > go to ''settings'' > add the code to ''Hoteliers RoomID'' and hit the save button.

An example of showing alternative room types is seen below.




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