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Viewing credit card details

Card details are now safely stored on a PCI compliant server from an external partner. Read more about this change in the article Security enhancement: Credit cards are safely stored.




First time login: Creating your PCI Account

To view full credit card information, you will have to login to our PCI compliant environment. For safety reasons, this environment has different login credentials from the extranet. 

  • Activation email The first time you receive a reservation with a link to the PCI compliant environment, you will automatically receive a separate activation email to setup your PCI Account
  • Username Your username is automatically generated and consists of the word 'hotel' and your hotel ID. As an example, our demo hotel has ID 2270. This means that the username for this hotel is "hotel2270". Your username is mentioned in the activation email. If you need your hotel ID in the future, see Where can I find my hotel ID?
  • Password You can set your password via the activation email. Alternatively, you can click 'Reset password' in the login screen

Note If you are unable to reset your password help creating your PCI Account, please contact Support


Looking up credit cards details

Booking confirmations which are sent via email, or booking details which you find via contain a link to the PCI environment. When you enter the login details of your PCI Account, you can view the full credit card details. 

To lookup credit card details via the Dashboard:

  • Go to > Bookings > Direct bookings.
  • Click on the booking.
  • Click "PCI compliant environment via this link".


Note Since 28-08-2017 bookings will no longer contain the CVC code. For PCI compliancy and security reasons, we are no longer allowed to ask guests for their CVC code. In case a CVC code is needed on your credit card terminal when you want to charge a no-show or cancellation, we recommend contacting your credit card terminal provider to switch CVC off on your terminal.

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