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New features and fixes through 2017-04-18

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Responsive Booking Engine

  • View packages improved The difference between packages and rooms is now even more pronounced. Packages are now displayed with a label

  • Direct link to particular room or package When linking to one room or package, the linked room is clearly highlighted. In addition, the remaining rooms are displayed to ensure that there is as much choice as possible for the guest

  • Property name in 'Your bookings' chain engine The hotel name is now displayed in the reservations within the chain engine
  • Reset password in 'Your bookings' In the booking engine, guests can manage their bookings. The guest can set a new password from now on. This can be done by clicking 'Reset password'

  • Enhanced view for 'Your bookings' After a guest is logged in through "Your bookings", the list of reservations is shown. This overview has been improved and has been placed in 'Papercards' 

  • Vertical pictures It is now possible to upload vertical 'portrait' pictures in the extranet


  • Special characters in booking confirmations In the cancellation confirmations, the foreign characters in the French language were not displayed correctly
  • Bookings with credit card not received Due to an expired certificate, credit card bookings could temporarily not be received by PMS / Channel Manager systems
  • Package name on confirmation The name of a booked package temporarily missed on the confirmation


Responsive Hotel Websites


  • New calendar in websites with template 'Piccolo' The new calendar which has been available in the booking engines for a few weeks, has also been implemented in the Piccolo template

New websites




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