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Securing personal details of guests

The privacy and security of personal details of guests have our top priority. The two most important security measures are described below.

Secure SSL-connection
All personal details which guests submit to systems are sent via an encrypted SSL-connection with Extended Validation (EV). This data is saved on our servers in a data center which is secured with the following accreditation: ISO 20000, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and ISAE-3402 type II. Guest's personal details are only as a reference for the hotel and are secured with a password. These personal details are not used for other purposes.

Credit Card Details PCI-DSS Compliant
Guest's credit card details are saved via an encrypted connection at an PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant external partner. These details are secured with a password and can only be viewed by the hotel.



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