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New features and fixes through 2017-05-17

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Marketing Platform

  • Room pictures at The room pictures were not always visible at ''more information'' 


Responsive Booking Engine

  • Reviews are published automatically Feedback from guests is valuable, both for your hotel and for other future guests. Therefore we have developed a new feature where guest reviews are published automatically after 14 days, unless you put the review on 'no'. Read more about Automatic publication of reviews HC-Responsive_Booking_Engine-Automatic_Reviews2.png

  • Number of nights sent in link It is now possible to include the length of stay via a direct link to the Responsive Booking Engine An example of this feature is (wherein &nights=5 has been added to the link)
  • Wordpress plugin It is now possible to integrate the Chain Engine into Wordpress websites through our renewed plugin! Read more about Implementing the booking engine in Wordpress
  • Package ID's The Package ID's are now shown behind the Package name, which can be found in the extranet. This can be useful if your channel manager provider needs to connect a new package

  • Extra beds A surcharge for extra beds and children in your hotel rooms can now be entered on rate level via the extranet of Read more about Adding rates for extra beds and children 

  • Total review score The total (average) score of all reviews is now displayed in the Review module


  • Filter amount of persons The Chain Engine did not show all available rooms when selecting the number of persons
  • Google maps The Chain Engine did not show all hotels of the chain on the map
  • Logo too large on confirmations The hotel logo was too large on the confirmations of reservations made in the Chain Engine
  • Text above payment method is missing When a hotel has only one payment method, the credit card guarantee text was not shown
  • Canceled bookings Guests did not see their canceled bookings in the "Your bookings" overview 
  • Minimum Stay A minimum stay label was sometimes shown, while this was not applicable
  • Manage bookings In the ''Manage bookings'' input fields in the chain engine is the text and background color now black on white, a border has been added as well 


Responsive Hotel Websites

  • Templates "Marquee" and "Concierge" The booker in templates "Marquee" and "Concierge" is now even more visible than before! The calendar is now immediately visible
  • Text headers The header settings in the Responsive Hotel Website are improved. This has a positive effect on the ranking of your property in Google

New websites

  • Schloss Hugenpoet This new Design Store website with template Concierge is now online

  • Hotel Asterisk This new Design Store website with template Concierge is now online

  • Hogerhuys This new Design Store website with template Sky Lounge is now online



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