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New features and fixes through 2017-11-27

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  • GDS Flow When bookings are made through GDS, there are many parties involved between the point where the hotel sets a room to available, to the point where a guest books the room. Understanding where each company fits in this supply chain can be complex

    Some hotels requested an overview of the supply chain. Below diagram shows the flow through GDS-systems with the hotel on the left, the guest on the right and the GDS at the center


Responsive Hotel Website

  • Buttons in CMS It is now possible to place buttons between the text on your website via the CMS of the Responsive Hotel Website. This is possible by selecting text and clicking the chain button in the text editor. In the 'Class' drop-down, choose 'button'

    Once saved, you can choose to align the button to the left or to the center of the page:Knipsel.PNG

  • Microdata To optimise the findability of your website, it is important that the microdata is regularly updated in the HTML-code. We have now added the 'price range' to this


  • Menu Items In the Concierge template from our Design Store, the menu items were shown too small, this was making them difficult to read
  • Language Switch At some Responsive Hotel Websites, the language switch did not work well with the room pages
  • Quick Booker In the Mosaic template from our Design Store, the date picker was sometimes not displayed correctly

Responsive Booking Engine

  • Review Mail In the review mail that is sent to the guest, there is a link that refers to the review module in our Responsive Booking Engine. There was no date in this link, so the review module was not opened immediately
  • Own Website Discount The guest saw a different price in the Responsive Booking Engine than in the shopping basket. This was because the discount per night was shown instead of discount per stay
  • Notification of missing data When a guest did not enter their address details in step 3 of the booking process and then confirmed the reservation, there was no error message shown

Marketing Platform

  • Review Scores If you selected a date on our Marketing Platform, the reviews were no longer shown in the hotel overview on the page 


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