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Promotions: Discount Slider

Slider: Image and text
The first option ''Slider: Image and text'' is the original function of the slider. Two other options have been added and are explained below. Each option of the discount slider can be activated in the CMS via ''promotions'' 

The three possible positions of the discount slider are:

  • Top of the screen
  • Left side of the screen
  • Right side of the screen

Note Those sliders that initially had the top right or left as position, are now moved to the bottom of the page. The colour of the slider's title will be the same as the button. Furthermore, the background and font colour are derived from the discount slider's colour settings.


Slider: Code via email
An extra submenu item has been added to the CMS, the ''Slider: Code via email''.

Activating the "code via email"
As soon as you add a corporate code to the CMS, this part of discount slider will be activated automatically. Guest can receive a discount code by entering their email address in this field, which they could use to book with discount by entering the discount code in the designated field on the booking engine.

The discount code can be deactivated by deleting the code in case that the hotel doesn't wish to use this part of the discount slider anymore.

The email that is sent to the guest can be changed manually in the CMS by navigating to Settings > Email Templates.

Furthermore, the email address will be registered in the CMS, providing the hotel with the opportunity to contact the guest at a later stage or to send new promotion codes. It is also possible to export the email addresses to an Excel file.


Slider ‘Book direct’
Another new option in the discount slider is to mention the advantages of booking directly through the hotel's own website by going to ''Slider: Book Direct''. A number of default advantages already added (as inactive), which are:



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