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New features and fixes through 2017-06-12

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Responsive Booking Engine

  • Rate Slider The rate slider of the Responsive Booking Engine has been further optimized. As of now, all information (dates, rates, restrictions and availability) is shown in a single slider


  • Notification during payment The message that appears when starting a new reservation when you already have a payment in process is now readable again
  • Filter amount of persons Filtering the amount of persons in the Chain Engine works properly again


Online Payment

  • Payment requests The payment requests now also run through our new email provider, which puts a digital signature on the emails. This prevents the email from being marked as SPAM
  • Confirmations The last step of the booking process will now show a message to guests that it is important to keep the browser screen open after the payment until the booking has been confirmed as well

Responsive Hotel Websites

  • Promotion Banner The Content Management System is continuously optimized. Hotels that use our Responsive Hotel Website could therefore now benefit from an optimized promotion banner, which has been further enhanced to generate more commission-free reservations through the hotel's own website!

    The hotelier has a choice between three options; a text field with an image, the possibility to leave an email address to receive a discount code and a comparison tool that emphasizes on the benefits of booking directly. Each option can be activated in the Content Management System by going to the 'Promotions' tab


  • Template 'Sky Lounge' The booking engine reminder in template 'Sky Lounge' did not appear anymore, this is now resolved
  • Currency sign In some of our templates in our Responsive Hotel Website there was no currency sign displayed 

New websites

  • Hotel Park Plantage This new Design Store website with template Mosaic is now online

  • Hotel Restaurant Engelanderhof This new Design Store website with template Night Audit is now online

  • Hotel Galia This new Design Store website with template Night Audit is now online

  •  Hotel Sonnleitn This new Design Store website with template Night Audit is now online


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