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New features and fixes through 2017-07-25

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Responsive Booking Engine

  • Booking Conditions The text for the booking conditions is now adjustable on rate and hotel level. First the rate terms and conditions are displayed and below the terms and conditions which the hotel can customise under ''hotel data'' in the extranet. The idea behind this is that the guest will be able to agree both the cancellation terms of the rate, but also with general terms from the hotel (here it is possible that pets are not allowed for example)

  • Google Hotel Ads Tags will now be provided to the link from the Responsive Booking Engine. This allows us to measure the bounce rate in Google Analytics for example


  • Direct Room Booker On mobile devices the direct room booker was permanently visible, this was making it difficult to make a reservation
  • Display of packages The rates were not shown correctly if there were multiple rooms under packages Extranet 

  • Special characters In the German version of the pre-arrival mail, the special characters were not displayed correctly

WordPress Plugin

  • Translation dropdown In the field above the dropdown the same translation was applied as below the dropdown, this can now be managed separately through the plugin

  • WordPress plugin update When the plugin was implemented twice on the same page (desktop and mobile website) the booker was not visible

Responsive Hotel Website

  • Discount Slider in template Concierge from our Design Store the discount slider was not shown well on a small screen

New Websites


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