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New features and fixes through 2017-08-07

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Responsive Booking Engine

  • Enhancement rate slider You are now able to select a date in the past when the chosen date is in the future


  • Cross sell hotels Hotels using our Responsive Booking Engine are able to show other hotels if their own hotel is fully booked. This was not always working correctly in the Chrome browser


Responsive Hotel Website

  • Add new user When a new user was created in the CMS of the Responsive Hotel Website no activation mail was sent. As a result, it was not possible to reset a password and login
  • Rate currency Some hotels that use our Responsive Hotel Website showed the rates in a different currency than the country where the guest tried to book extranet

  • Bulk update extra beds Via the ''Bulk update extra beds'' in the extranet of now the hotel can easily set the from/to ages for the extra beds in one time. On rate level this will only be indicated textually


WordPress Plugin

  • Enhancement javascript After the latest update of the WordPress Plugin, the calendar did not work optimally in some cases. An adjustment has been made which prevent this from occurring




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