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New features and fixes through 2017-08-22

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Responsive Booking Engine


  • Minimum stay clickable In our Responsive Booking Engine, it is now possible to click on the Minimum Stay in the red label on the photo. In this way, it is even easier for the guest to change the required number of nights


  • ''More Information'' In our Responsive Booking Engine sometimes the text "More Information" was missing at a specific text length with a font of 14px
  • Valuta switch When a guest changes to a currency that is not from the hotel, the price is not shown correctly and the currency characters are not displayed correctly as well
  • Direct Corporate Links Due to an update in our Responsive Booking Engine, not all direct corporate links are working anymore


Responsive Hotel Website

  • Room Pictures When pictures are added in template 'Mosaic' from our Design Store they are shown blurry and as a 'thumb' 




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