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Lesson 1: Adding pages to your menu

company_WebsiteBuilder.svg This lesson is part of a five step getting started tutorial

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Once our Design Team completes the setup of your website, you will be able to access the Content Management System (CMS) where you can manage the content of your website.

A blank website has several pages, texts and photos which are already added, to give you a sense of the possibilities. Using this as a basis, you can add pages to your website menu and order them the way you prefer. 


Adding a page

To add a page to the main menu, login to the CMS, then:

  • Click Pages
  • Click Add page (at the top right)
  • Fill in all fields, including the SEO fields
  • Click Save

The page is now added as a 'standalone page', which is not visible in the menu yet. To view the page you just created, go click on Pages in the CMS menu.

You can now add content items to your page (see Lesson 2: Adding text to pagesLesson 3: Adding images to pages and Lesson 4: Adding rooms and packages) or add another page.


Moving a page into the menu

Once you have created your pages, you can move the pages to the main menu or footer menu. 

Main menu

To move a page to the main menu of to the footer menu:

  • Click Pages
  • Drag the drawer icon up or down to set the order

The order of pages is now automatically saved.


To move a page as a sub-item of the main menu:

  • Drag the drawer icon a little to the right


Note If you want to hide, deactivate or delete page, see Pages: Hiding, deactivating or deleting a page




Screen capture: "Adding and moving pages". Click to enlarge.





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