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Lesson 3: Adding images to pages

company_WebsiteBuilder.svg This lesson is part of a five step getting started tutorial

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Images are as important as text, if not more important. Find a good balance between text and images, to keep your visitors interested.

Images should be uploaded to the CMS and added to a gallery before you can use this on a page.

See Images: Adding and organising images before you continue.


Adding galleries to a page

Once you have added images and galleries, you can add a gallery to any page:

  • Go to Pages
  • Click on the page name, such as Welcome
  • Click Add content (at the top right)
  • Fill in the name of the content item, this name is not visible to visitors
  • Choose the layout, such as Gallery slider or Content with gallery
  • Choose a gallery in the drop down
  • Click Save

You can now move the content item up or down, to set the position in the page. We recommend adding text to the images, to give context to it. You can add this text, while you place images into a gallery.


Demo_-_CMS_-_Add_images.gifScreen capture: "Adding images to a page". Click to enlarge.





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