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Lesson 4: Adding rooms and packages

company_WebsiteBuilder.svg This lesson is part of a five step getting started tutorial

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Rooms and packages are the core of your website. These are the products you want to sell in the end. Make sure to present the rooms in a visual appealing way, tempting guests to book. 

Adding rooms or packages to your website, consists of two steps. First, you need to create a room and package page, adding the content item 'rooms' or 'packages'. Second, you need to add the individual rooms and packages to the CMS. Adding packages works similar to adding rooms.


Adding the room overview
To add the room overview to am existing page:

  • Go to Pages
  • Click on the page name, such as Rooms
  • Click Add content (at the top right)
  • Fill in the name of the content item, this name is not visible to visitors
  • Choose the layout Rooms
  • Click Save

The room overview is now added. Now you can add the individual rooms.

Screen capture: "Adding the room overview to a page". Click to enlarge.



Adding individual rooms
To add rooms, with images and descriptions:

  • Go to HotelRooms
  • Click Add room (at the top right)
  • Fill in the room name and room ID
  • Set "Add direct booker" to 'yes' for the best conversion
  • Select a room thumbnail and existing gallery
  • Click Save

You can now move the room up or down to set the order of rooms.


Note To find the room or package ID, go to > Hotel Data. The room or package ID is shown in the left menu next to the room or package name.


Screen capture: "Adding individual rooms". Click to enlarge.



Adding room details
Once you have added a room, you can add a description, the room facilities and connect the room to other rooms for cross-selling.

To add a room description and features:

  • Go to Hotel > Rooms
  • Click on the room name
  • Click Description and enter text
  • Click Facilities and drag a facility group to the right box (optional)
  • Click Cross-selling and select 3-5 rooms
  • Click Save

We recommend cross-selling 3 to 5 rooms with each other, showing guests that you have several options to choose from.

Screen capture: "Adding room details". Click to enlarge.






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