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Lesson 5: Optimise your website for search engines

company_WebsiteBuilder.svg This lesson is part of a five step getting started tutorial

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There are many ways to optimise your website for search engines. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial for your website.

To make your website SEO-proof, you can sign up for one of our paid Marketing Services, such as the Marketing Scorecard, the Hotel Website Quick Scan, Google My Business Optimisation and Google Ads, where our Marketing Team will assist you personally.

There are also many ways you can optimise your website for SEO without any extra costs, as many SEO-fields are already included in the Responsive Hotel Website product. This article covers the settings in the Content Management System (CMS) where you can setup SEO within your website. 


About the SEO title and SEO description

The title and description are the most important fields for SEO. This information will be visible to guests when they lookup your hotel via a search engine. 



SEO title

When you fill in the SEO title: The hotel name and city is already included in the title automatically. Fill in a short title of max 55 characters including spaces.

This title will be displayed on the browser tab and as a blue link in search engines:


SEO description

When you fill in the SEO description: Fill in a short description that will be displayed as a summary in search engines. Use max 250 characters including spaces.

The description will be displayed as gray text in Google, as a description:




SEO in general information

There is a general setting for SEO information, where you can fill the SEO Title and SEO Description. This title and description will be used for all pages where you forget to fill in a title and description. Therefore it is crucial to complete these fields.

To set the default title and description:

  • Go to SettingsHotel details
  • Scroll down to SEO settings
  • Check if your Google Analytics code is filled by Support
  • Fill in the SEO title and SEO description
  • Click Save



SEO per page

To set the title and description:

  • Go to Pages
  • Click on Edit page (the gear icon)
  • Fill in the SEO title and SEO description
  • Always set the SEO policy to Yes
  • Click Save



SEO per room or package

To set the title and description:

  • Go to HotelRooms
  • Click on a room name
  • Click on Description
  • Fill in the SEO title and SEO description
  • Click Save



SEO per image

To set the title and description:

  • Go to Media Galleries
  • Click on a gallery name or the images icon
  • Per image, click on Edit image (the pencil icon)
  • Fill in the Description, this is the SEO description
  • Click Save






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