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Pages: Hiding, deactivating or deleting a page

There are three ways to hide a page in the website. You may want to do this when you are working on a page, or if the page is a temporary page. 


Hiding a page
To hide a page from the top menu or footer menu, simply drag a page to the 'standalone pages':

  • Click Pages
  • Drag the drawer icon down

  • Move the page to 'standalone pages'

When to use this?
We recommend to include most pages into the main menu, sub-menu or footer menu. If you however have a promotional page, which does not need to be included in the menu, you can use 'standalone page'.

Will this page be visible?
The page will still be visible when accessing the page via a link elsewhere, but the page will not be shown in the menu anymore.



Deactivating a page
To deactivate a page: 

  • Click Pages
  • Click Edit page (the gear icon)
  • Set the status drop-down to Inactive (at the bottom)
  • Click Save

When to use this?
When you have a temporary page, or when you are working on a page. 

Will this page be visible?
As long as the page is set to 'inactive', the page is invisible to users and will not be visible to search engines either.



Deleting a page
To delete a page: 

  • Click Pages
  • Click Remove page (the trash icon)
  • Confirm by clicking Yes

When to use this?
Only if you want to permanently delete a page. You will not be able to recover the page or the content of the page.

Will this page be visible?
When a page is deleted, the page is invisible to users and will not be visible to search engines either.




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