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New features and fixes through 2017-10-02

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Responsive Booking Engine


  • Period selection If the guest logs in to the corporate module and selects for example a 7-day stay duration the blue line that is indicating the "selected period" is missing
  • Drop down The drop down for the number of rooms in the Chain Engine was not wide enough, which did not show duplicate numbers properly

 Responsive Hotel Website

  • Microdata To optimize the searchability of your website, it is important that microdata is added to the HTML code. This is done for all templates from our Design Store. By processing microdata in the HTML code of your website, you will give search engines more about the nature of the website and the meaning of your content. In addition, "Rich Snippets" are now displayed. These are additions to the default results (a title, URL, and description) that provide an enriched search results page. This will be extended with more relevant information from the hotel, see the example below


  • Headings mobile devices In template Concierge from our Design Store, the headings on mobile devices were shown too large when a long word was filled in 
  • Language switch When a page was created in English only and not in Dutch, the "languages switch" did not work properly. A switch to Dutch showed a 404 page

New Websites





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