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New features and fixes through 2017-10-30

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Responsive Booking Engine


  • Cross-sell 'no availability' By using the cross-selling function, you can lead guests to your partner hotels whenever there's no availability in the selected hotel. To clarify this function for the guest, a notification has been added in the Responsive Booking Engine


  • Message incorrect date selection For packages with a fixed period, the start and end date must be entered correctly otherwise the package is not bookable. If a start and end date is not filled in, a message will now be displayed
  • Calendar view In some cases, the calendar fields were not displayed correctly in Internet Explorer 11 and Edge
  • iPad Bookings In some cases, it was not possible for the guest to complete their booking in Safari on the iPad
  • Confirmations On the confirmation of reservations made in the Chain Engine, the room name was sometimes displayed double

Responsive Hotel Website

  • Call-To-Action Room Blocks The Call-To-Action at the Room Blocks in Template Skylounge from our Design Store is now even clearer. The price and the words ''More info'' to click on are added as well. This improves the conversion

New Websites





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