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In this article you read the most common reasons for an over booking through 

Het boekingskanaal heeft meerdere redenen waarom de overboeking heeft kunnen ontstaan. Hieronder de meest voorkomende redenen:

Booking website has multiple reasons for an over booking. Below are the most common reasons listed:

  • Availability automatically opens if receives a cancellation is the only booking website which opens the availability when receives a cancellation. does this automatically without noticing the hotel. This can cause over bookings and / or confusion, because the availability is not in sync with the Channel Manager. Please always check the extranet of if there is an overbooking and that your hotel is fully booked. When other channels receive a cancellation, they do not open the availability again. You can decide to offer the cancelled room again. 

We developed a setting that cures this issue. Read more about the cure at Auto replenish functionb.

  • Contracted Rooms

Another cause is that the hotel works with contracted rooms. decides how many rooms you need to sell (in consultation with the hotel) per day via In return the hotel get a better find ability on When you work on contract rooms, it can be that the Channel Manager send 0 availability, but there are still rooms open on  

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    Ratanjit Singh

    Is a part of your organisation, as I am registered with them too. I want a connectivity partner, so that reservations may be made through you for trip- connect/ tripadvisor.

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    Wouter van Gessel

    Hi Ratanjit, is not part of our organisation, however we are a Preferred Connectivity Provider. 

    If you are interested in one of our products, please have a look at and if you would like to get in contact with Sales about the possibilities, please go to