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Auto Replenish functionality

In this article a small explanation is given about the auto replenish function of

The auto replenish function of ensures that cancellations from are not automatically sent to The functionally will be set up by our Support team when will be activated. There are three kinds of options:

No action
This is the standard setting. After a cancellation/modification in the availability, the availability remains unchanged in the channel manager.

Auto replenish function off
After changes/modifications, the availability remains unchanged. Availability is resent to

Auto replenish function on
After a cancellation/modification, availability is increased and the availability is resent to

We recommend the "on" setting, as it is possible that a reservation is cancelled in the midle of the night, while you reception is closed. With the "on" setting, you will always have the most up to date availability in your Channel Manager.

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