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Details for moving your website to

This article gives you an explanation what kind of information we need for moving your website on our servers.

In the event of moving your hosting to, we need the following information:

Information about the URL's

All the URL's that need to be moved to our servers. Herefore we need the moving code. You can ask the moving code at the one who manage your website. This can be your hosting agency or you receiver. 

Email settings

In order to install your email settings correctly, we need to know if you use exchange email (so with a seperate mail server) or email on POP (e-mail received from computer).


If you use exchange email we ask you to send the mail server so we can install this on the URL's. Exchange email is mostly used in larger hotels. 


POP email is mostly used by smaller hotels. When you use this way, we need all the user details of all e-mailaddresses to configure your email in Outlook. If you don't know the user details, you can install outlook by yourself. Click here for an explanation if you use OUTLOOK 2010. Click here for an explanation if you use OUTLOOK 2007. is responsible for incoming email traffic and will configure this for you. Your provider will be responsible for all outgoing email traffic. is not responsible when there are issues concerning sending email.

In the event of issues with receiving or sending email, you can always login on with login details you received from us. Here you find all emails saved on the mailserver.

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