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Rates/availability do not match

In this article the steps are stated for reporting asynchronous rates/and availability between the Channel Manager and a booking website.

If you experience asynchronous rates/availability between the Channel Manager and the booking website, we advise you to firstly consult the extranet of the booking website. Sometimes there is a discount set on a rate, which applies over the rate stated in the Channel Manager. It is also possible that the room type is not connected to the Channel Manager and that the booking website put a standard availability. If you have done this, we advise you to submit a ticket with the following content:

  • Which room type does not match with the Channel Manager? (e.g. 'comfort room')
  • What is incorrect? (e.g. rates, availability or both)
  • Which rate is not correct? (e.g. 'standard rate').
  • Which booking channel?

After you submitted your request, this will be investigated by one of our employees and you will receive a notice within 24 hours.

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