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Corporate discount on packages

This article describes the new feature to add corporate discounts on packages. 

We have added the possibility to add corporate discounts to packages, this is especially important for hotels who use the corporate module to give guests who book directly at their website a discount. You can easily set the discount. Below you find how you can add corporate discounts on packages:


Go to the corporate module tab, select a user and decide which packages can be booked with discount:



Go to the specific package you have selected and decide the discount applicable for this user, you can see them when you click on hotel data, and then select the packages in the left menu:

On the right side you can set the discount for the user for this package. These discounts are per stay, mostly a percentage will be used so you will have similar discounts as with rooms, don't forget to save!

From now on, guests with a corporate code will see the packages you have entered for some discount.

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