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How do I add rooms and rates?

In this article we will learn you how to add room types and rates in the back office of 

It is very easy to add rooms in the system of By log in to the back office you can manage all your rooms and rates. You use this system to edit your profile on but also your own booking engine.

This article contains the following subjects:

  1. Add a room type
  2. Add a rate


1. Add a room type
If you are logged on to the system, go to the tab Hotel Data and select in the left column Add Room. 


A new screen will open where you can fill out the details for the room type:

  • Room type: this is the titel for your room
  • Room description: A short description of the room
  • Room: click on all the facilities that are present in the room
  • Bookings method: (drop down menu "choose") Booking Engine (direct booking) or (on request)
  • Nr. of persons: the maximum amount of guests the room accomodates (linked to the price)
  • Don't forget to click on save

After saving you will see the same screen with some extra's:

  • Breakfast included: click on yer or no
  • Corporate room only and/or White label room only (only shown if you have registerd for these opstions): in case you want a corporate only or booking engine only room click on this
  • Room image: add main room picture as well as three extra Pictures. These must be JPEG file.
  • Click on save


2. Add a rate
To add a rate, click on "Add rate to this room" at the bottom of your screen. You will see the following screen:

  • Rate name: if you do not have a title, please fill out standard rate
  • Guarentee method: please click at least one guarentee method
  • Is active rate: this is where you can activate and deactivate the rate (if deactivated the room/rate will not be displayed on the website)
  • Close rate: this is only of use if you wish to close a room automatically a few days before the date of arrival. This is mainly used with non refundable rooms. If the room can be booked up to date of arrival, leave this field empty.
  • Default availability for all months: general availability, number of rooms that you wish to put in the system per room type.
  • Default rate and minimum stay for all months: fill out the price for every day of the week (Monday to Sunday). If applicable fill out the minimum and/or maximum stay. If you do not fill out anything, the minimum stay will automatically go to one night and the maximum stay will stay empty. 

Please note: if you use a channel manager the default availability and default rate options will be overwritten by your channel manager. 

Are you using a channel manager? Please send the room ID (below your created room type name) to your channel manager. Your channel manager will connect the room type and sent the rates and availability to

If you still have any questions about adding rooms and rates, please submit a request and we will give an answer within 24 hours.

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