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How can I get support through TeamViewer?

It is possible to get live support with TeamViewer. In this article you get an explanation how to start up support through TeamViewer with our support team.

With TeamViewer, our support can give you support through screen sharing (during office hours). Our support team will see every action on your screen and can give you better support.

You can easily open up TeamViewer. No installation is needed and no admin rights on their computer are needed. You can easily open up TeamViewer. There is no installation needed and no admin rights on your computer are needed. Please follow below mentioned steps:

  • Go to and click on Screen support via Screen Sharing under the logo for our support center. A new window will open.
  • Click on the icon which applies to your language. For example; if you speak Dutch, you can click on the icon with the Dutch flag. Our support team will see a request in the chosen language, so you will get support in your preferred language. 
  • When you have clicked on one of the four icons, a new window will appear with a installation file.
  • Another window will appear where you can run the installation. Click on run.
  • A TeamViewer window with the logo will open > Here you can fill out your name and click on connect. Our support team will respond immediately. 

If you have any trouble with installing the support tool via TeamViewer, you can follow below mentioned tips:

  • There is only 1 possibility that connecting via TeamViewer is not possible, this is when you already have another TeamViewer version running.
  • When you open up the TeamViewer support tool, a popup will appear "Another instance of TeamViewer is already running. Please close this instance before restarting TeamViewer".
  • Close your running TeamViewer. Most of the time this icon can be found right-bottom of Windows, next to the clock.
  • Redo all the steps to open up the support tool again.
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