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Confirmations are not opening in my Smart channel manager

There are several reasons why you might be unable to open confirmations in the Smart channel manager. The most common reasons are listed below.


  1. PDF security code
  2. Incorrect browser
  3. Email link does not open
  4. Date not selected


PDF security code

Any reservations that contain credit card information are automatically protected by a PDF password and can only be viewed by entering this code. The PDF security code is provided to you by Support when you start with the channel manager.

In case you have lost the PDF security code, please send us a message via "Submit a request" on top of this page to request a new code.



Incorrect browser

At current, the channel manager is optimized for Internet Explorer. Versions of Firefox up to version 32 may also load all functions correctly. Chrome, Safari and other browsers are not supported.

Internet Explorer (recommended)

We recommend to use the latest version of Internet Explorer. This browser is usually pre-installed. You may want to update to the latest version through this link.

Firefox version 32 (optional)

If you wish to use Mozilla Firefox:

  • We recommend to keep version 32 running
  • If you already have version 33 running, you may chose to uninstall version 33 and google search for a dowload of version 32

Note that you would have to deselect "Automatic Updates" in Settings. 



Email link does not open

It is possible that the link in an email confirmation opens up in a browser not supported by the channel manager. We recommend to:

  • Either change your email settings to open links by default in Internet Explorer or Firefox up to version 32 (click here for an explanation)
  • Or manually copy the link into Internet Explorer or Firefox up to version 32



Date not selected

A less common reason that you are unable to view confirmations, is that you may have forgot to select the date, to select Arrival, Departure or Creation date or to select "Show" confirmations. Please see the image below for details.

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