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How do I add a package?

This article gives an explanation on how to add a new package to your own booking engine and the marketing platform

It is very easy to create and add a new package to the system of There are a few steps you need to take to add a new package:

1. Go to and log in to the system.

2. When you are logged in to the system, click on the tab 'hotel data' in the blue bar.

3. Next, click on 'add package' in the left block (in blue letters). The following screen will open:

4. Fill out the package name. Every hotel gives their own package a name like 'weekend stay' or 'culinary package'. Try to be creative and come up with original names for your packages.

5. In the package description you can describe what the package consists of. For example, this package is including:
* 3-course dinner
* Breakfast
* 1 Night stay in a comfort room
* etc.

6. Package theme can be left empty.

7. On the package can be booked option you can decide if the package is only valid for a certain period or for unlimited use. If you are creating a Christmas package it is mostly common to offer this deal between the Christmas days.

8. The package displayed on site option enables to display your package before it can be booked. If you have created the Christmas package you don't have to wait to activate it during the Christmas days. You can already publish the package before it can be booked. You can even add a explanation date to the published package. After this date, the package will automatically disappear from the website and the marketing platform.

9. At the price is for how many persons you can decide for how many persons the package can be booked. 

10. Number of nights indicated the number of overnight stays the guests receive after purchasing the package.

11. Some hotels offer their packages for one person with a single supplement.

12. If breakfast is included in the package please select yes.

13. At the package indication option you can give the lowest- and the highest rate. If you have one price for the package please insert the same price.

14. With the package indication method you can decide on how to display your rates. If you have filled out the same price you can click on 'min rate / max rate'.

15. If you don't want to activate the package you can set the package on off. The package will not show in your booking engine and on your profile on

16. Voucher only is only used in combination with a voucher engine and only activated by

17. With the bookingmethod you can decide on how to offer package. You can choose between Bookings Engine (direct booking) or Request Bookings (on request). Most hotels choose to offer their packages by direct booking.

18. Please choose which guarantee methods the guests have to guarantee the booking. 

19. In case if the package is non refundable, click on no.

20. Leave empty for a default cancellation policy.

21. If you want to connect the availability of a room you can choose to connect the package to one of your room types. You can also choose to give the package a default availability. Most hotels choose to connect the package to the availability of one of the room types.

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