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Statistics in the White Label + tab

The statistics page shows you two statistics of your own booking engine. The statistics consists of percentage of bookings through the whitelabel+, WL+ views and WL+ Bookings. You can see the stats on daily, monthly or yearly base.


Percentage of bookings though the whitelabel+
WL+ views
WL+ Bookings

Percentage of bookings through the whitelabel+

This percentage tells you how many percent of your bookings are generated through the booking engine on your own website.

WL+ views

WL+ views (white label + views) tells you how many visitors on your website viewed the booking engine on your own website.

WL+ Bookings

WL+ Bookings (white label + bookings) tells you how many bookings are made through the booking engine on your own website. If you divide the number of bookings over the WL+ views you get a conversion percentage. For example: you have 100 views in the booking engine and 20 bookings are made. That means that your conversion rate is 20%.

With this stats you can find out if your website visitors are willing to enter your booking engine. If you have a lot of views in your booking engine, but low booking, this can indicate that your prices are too high of your rooms. Another conclusion can be that you don’t have much availability for your visitors. The statistics will help you to generate more bookings through your own website.

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