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How to activate the statistics in the CMS of the Responsive Hotel Website

This article describes the functionality of the statistics in the CMS of the Responsive Hotel Website.



What are these statistics?
The statistics are given from your personal Google Analytics account which is placed into your hotel website. When activated you will be given an amount of statistics of your website, such as total sessions, top visits by browsers and device types on the website. Please note that this is not an alternative for the analytics provided by Google Analytics. Below you’ll see a screenshot of a hotel which activated the statistics.


How to activate the statistics?

To activate the statistics you only have to:

  • Add as an administrator of your Google Analytics account. We will activate the statistics for you
  • Please submit a request when you have added as a user, have any trouble with adding the email address as a user to you Google Analytics account or if you don't have a Google Analytics account
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