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New features and fixes through 2014-11-03

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  • French language has been added for the company site to better serve our French speaking hotels


Booking Engine


  • In groupstats for hotels that combine statistics for several properties, the total booking values are now split into room rate and extra's aside from the total booking value
  • To further decrease the possibility of overbookings: An availability check has been added in the last part of the booking process. When Step 3 is entered by the booker, the system first checks if the room is still available before the booker can confirm the room


  • It has always been possible to use a link to your booking engine for packages only. Recently it became possible to show packages in the corporate module. However, the packages only link did not include the login to the corporate module yet. This has now been added
  • The country of a booker was shown as "I" for Italy or "F" for France, the email confirmations to hotels will now show the full country name
  • The English text in emails requesting hotel guests to place a review have been improved


Responsive Hotel Website


  • A demo hotel has been added. This allows our team to show hotels that are interested in a new Responsive Hotel Website to demonstrate the Content Management System (CMS), to show how easy it is to change texts and pictures
  • The discount slider / promo banner, which allows hotels to promote discounts or other items, has been optimized for smartphone visitors. An example of the difference can be seen on the website of Delphi Hotel Amsterdam or Hotel Restaurant Lunia. Visit the website both on a desktop and smartphone to see the difference 
  • To improve the user experience, information icons are added to fields that require explanation 
  • A new template has been added, called "Cosmopolitan". An example of this template will soon be added to the Design Store
  • A better 404 error page has been added, in case a visitor tries to open a non-existing or old webpage in your website. The visitor can now click to go back to the homepage, or to report the broken link 
  • To stimulate conversion, it is now possible to show a book button and calendar on individual room pages to only book that specific room


  • On some iPhones a small part of the right side of the website, was not visible
  • On some tablets such as the iPad 2, the booking engine was not completely visible, due to the use of a fancybox. This overlaying fancybox has now been removed for tablets and smartphones, the booking engine will now open in a new browser tab
  • Words such as "Restaurant & Café Élévè" were not shown correcly in the URL of such page
  • Text content of the "Rooms overview" page was also shown on individual room pages
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