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Whitelabel+ settings option in White Label + tab

In this article we provide you with information about the White label + settings. For the secure settings you can click here. In the whitelabel+ settings you can adjust the settings of your booking engine. Our support team will generate the engine for you. If you want to adjust the colours of your booking engine you can do it in here. Please note: our support team will always make the engine in the best way to match the style of the website.


Default settings
Background settings
Review Email address
Default Font settings
Button settings
Top Search form settings
Room / Package settings
Shoppingcart settings (wlp)
Google codes

Default settings

With the default settings you can manage the settings of your booking engine. There are a number of options you can use:

Whitelabel + display type: please enter here the installation of the booking engine; fancybox or iframe. If you use a new page, you can enter iframe.

Max display width: this settings has influence on the width of the engine. If there are horizontal scroll bars you can adjust the width of the engine until there are no more scroll bars anymore. With no scroll bars you will reach the best conversion rate for your booking engine.  The minimum width for the booking engine is 600 px and maximum 900 px.

Use current day as start day: If this setting is set on “no” the visitor on you website will see no availability on the screen. Please always put this setting on “yes”.

Show number of Persons option: If you have a separate single and double room, you can choose to activate the number of persons option. Guests can select with how many persons they want to book for a room. For example: if the visitor enters “two persons” as selection, only the rooms for 2 or more persons will show. This will help to filter the selection of the guest.

Show Elementtype option (‘Rooms and Package’): with this setting you can add a filter type for packages and rooms in the booking engine. If this option is activated, guests can select if they want to book a package or room. If the option is disabled, both rooms as packages will be shown.

Show available only: when this option is enabled only your available rooms/packages will be shown. Other room types / packages will not be shown.

Show available rooms/packages on top of page: this option will put the available rooms and packages on the top of the booking engine. Rooms and packages without availability will be shown on the bottom of the engine.

Show Company field in Secure: this option add a field where guests can fill out the name of their company in the secure pages. This is optional to give the guests less options to fill out. If you require a company name, please enable the option.

Show Review module in WLP: this option will add the average review on top of the booking engine.

How many days in ratecalendar: how many days do you want to show in advance for the guest? Default setting is on 10 days with a width of 900 px for the booking engine. If your booking engine is smaller than 900 px, please adjust the number of days in rate calendar. For example; your booking engine is 800 px width, the number of days in the rate calendar will be 9 etc.

Loader speed: this option manages the speed of the loader when searching to a room.

Loader colour: with this option you can change the colour of the loader.

All other settings will change the lay out and style of the booking engine. The lay out of the booking engine:

Background settings

There are two kind of background settings; you can choose to give you background a colour or to decorate your background with a image. The background settings will change the background of your booking engine. If you use a fancy box implementation, you won’t see the background of the engine. With changing the background settings you will change the colour of number 1.

Review Email address

It is possible to sent your guests a review request after their stay in your hotel. After a guest filled out a review you will get a notification. With the review email address option you can decide which email address will receive the notification of new reviews.

Default Font settings

With the default font settings you can manage the font in the booking engine. There are a number of fonts which you can choose from. With a drop out you can choose the font which matches the font on your website.

Button settings

You can manage the colour of the buttons in the booking engine. The button settings need to be another colour than the background colour of the booking engine. This is the call to action button for guests to make a reservation so make sure that the colour stands out from the rest of the colours. You can give your buttons a gradient with three colours. If you want to bring in a gradient in the buttons we suggest that the colours need to match. For example; use three kinds of green colours, instead of green, blue and red. Three different colours will not encourage a high conversion rate. You can change the font size and colour for the buttons. With changing the colour of the buttons, you will change number 2.

Top Search Form settings

With the top search form settings you will change the colours of number 3. You can give a gradient in the top search form and change the font size and the font colour.

Room / packages settings

With the room / packages settings you will change the background colour of the room description and the header with the room name. With the background colour you will change number 4 of the screenshot. If you use a white font, you can change this to a darker colour.

With the header top- and bottom background colour you can give a gradient to the room type name. This is number 5 in the screenshot.

Shoppingcart settings

When a guest clicks on more information in the booking engine, a “shopping cart” will fold out. You can give this pop up a background colour and you can change the font colour.

Google codes

With the Google codes you can connect your Google Analytics and Adwords account to the booking engine. You can fill out you tracking code for Google Analytics in the Google analytics code field. The Google conversion code, conversion label and conversion value can be found in your Adwords account.

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