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Images: Adding and organising images

Pictures tell a thousand words. Therefore, all our Responsive Hotel Website templates in the Design Store include large picture sliders to tell your hotel's story. In order to show pictures at optimum size, we have made adding, organising and cropping easier. 

Library versus Galleries
The Content Management System (CMS) allows you to store, crop and place pictures into your Responsive Hotel Website. In the CMS menu, both "Library" and "Galleries" cover pictures.


This menu item can be considered a shoebox of your hotel pictures. This Library is where you initially upload all original pictures on full size. 

Feel free to organise your Library into folders, so you can find your pictures back easily.


This menu item is a collection of Galleries. A Gallery is a collection of 1-10 pictures that will appear as a slider or gallery on your website.

Common Galleries are for example; a large homepage gallery, room galleries and package galleries.


Library: Creating a folder to organize your content

In order to easily find your pictures back, it's recommended to organize them into folders. Example picture folders:

  • Hotel Facade / Entrance
  • Public Area's
  • Spa and pool
  • Restaurant
  • Standard Room
  • Executive Room
  • Presidential Suite
  • Promotions

To create a new folder:

  1. Go to Library > Images
  2. Click Create folder at the top right corner


Library: Upload new pictures to a folder

To upload pictures form your computer to one of your created folders:

  1. Go to Library > Images
  2. Click on the Folder name you wish to place the pictures in
  3. Click Upload
  4. Click Add files
  5. Select one or more files from your computer
  6. Click Open
  7. Click Start Upload


Galleries: Creating a new gallery

To create a new gallery for any of your hotel website pages:

  1. Go to Galleries
  2. Click Add Gallery
  3. Fill in all fields, including the "Ratio"
  4. Click Add Gallery

Note It is very important to select the correct "Ratio". Click here to read more about Selecting the correct ratio for a photo slider


Galleries: Adding images

To add existing images which are already uploaded to the CMS:

  1. Go to Galleries
  2. Click on the gallery you wish to place the pictures in
  3. Click Add existing image
  4. Select images
  5. Click Add to gallery

To add new images to the CMS directly into a gallery:

  1. Go to Galleries
  2. Click on the gallery you wish to place the pictures in
  3. Click Add image
  4. Click Add files
  5. Click Start upload


Note Now that images are added to the gallery, is is very important to crop the images to the correct size before activating the images. Read more about Cropping images to the right size and adding image captions.


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