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Images: Cropping and adding captions

Pictures tell a thousand words. Therefore, all our Responsive Hotel Website templates in the Design Store include large picture sliders to tell your hotel's story. In order to show pictures at optimum size, we have made adding, organizing and cropping easier. 

This article assumes that you are already familiar with Adding and organizing images in your website via the CMS.


Selecting the correct gallery ratio

Before you crop images, please make sure you have read Selecting the correct ratio for a photo slider.


Cropping an image

It is important that all images that you add, are cropped to the right size to prevent images from showing squeezed or stretched.

Cropping an image is now easier than ever:

  1. Go to Galleries
  2. Click on a gallery name
  3. Click on the Crop Image icon
  4. In the picture, drag a box to select which part of the picture you want to show. This will always be at the ratio that has been selected for the gallery
  5. Click Crop & Save


Adding a caption to an image

Placing an image above text in your website is one thing. In order to have the picture tell a story and to give context to a picture, it is highly recommended to place a caption with the image.


Example of captions

Tell your story in a few words. At least 5 up to 10 would suffice. The caption should trigger your guest and make the guest feel like they are already experiencing your hotel.

Example of a caption that doesn't tell a story:

Example of a caption that tells a story:


How to place a caption

Depending on the Design Store template, you can choose "Top", "Bottom" or "Center". 


To place your caption via the CMS:

  1. Click on Galleries
  2. Select a gallery by clicking on the gallery name
  3. If no images are present, add images into the gallery
  4. Select the Edit image properties icon
  5. Enter a description and choose the description position
  6. Click Save Properties


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