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Confince your guest and get more conversion

As a hotelier you are always trying to increase the conversion of your own website. Offering a clear website, with (social) media campaigns to attract traffic to your website, is step one. Eventually your goal is to lead your visitors to the book button. When the guest pushed the booking button the booking process will start. Putting your booking engine in the colours of the lay-out of the website is very important. What hotels often forget is the power of (qualitative) photos for your rooms.

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially for guests who have never been to your hotel. Guests want to see as much as possible of the rooms before they finish the booking. Guests are willing to take direct action (make a booking) so it is recommended to stimulate the guest to make the booking. The first 10 seconds are decisive within in the decision making process of the guest. No guest will read the text of your rooms but will view your beautiful photos.

But which photo’s deliver the most conversion rate and trigger the guest to confirm the booking? With the booking engine you can upload up to four pictures per room type. It is recommended to take benefit of the pictures spots. We give you a few examples on how hotels use the photo benefits in the booking engine.

Hotel 1

The hotel has clear text about the room types which are nicely presented in the booking engine. Unfortunately the hotel does not offer photos for the room types. Guests are more likely to quit the booking process because there are no photo’s. In this case there is a lot to optimize in the booking engine. It is important to place photos in landscape format otherwise the photos will not be shown correctly.

Hotel 2

The hotel has placed three photos of the Superior Room which matches the colours of the booking engine. The only downside is that the hotel only offer photos of the bed in the room. It is recommended to show as much of the room has to offer. You can think of the bathroom, the view (when available) and a overview of the room.

Hotel 3

Hotel 3 only offers two photos for the Single Room. As shown in the image above you see that the photo is cut in half. This indicates that photo is uploaded in portrait format instead of landscape format. It is positive that the hotel shows a picture of the bathroom but to benefit of a complete picture it is recommended to put this in a landscape format.

Hotel 4

Hotel 4 has fully optimized the booking engine for the best conversion. There are four photos per room type (exterior, interior, a map of the room and a photo of the bathroom) which are all placed in landscape format. The text gives a good overview of the room and which facilities are provided. The guest knows what to expect of the room and will book faster than in other booking engines.

With these four examples you got a good overview on how hotels’ use the photo opportunities in the booking engine. By adding pictures you surely raise the conversion of the booking engine. If you need support for adding pictures for your room, you can easily submit a request.

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