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Newsletters: Adding and importing subscribers

There are several ways to collect email addresses to obtain a base to send guests newsletters. At all times, permission should have been asked to add email addresses for mailings. Email addresses can be collected through the following:

  • Add a subscriber list
  • Add a single subscriber
  • Bulk import multiple subscribers
  • Collecting email addresses via your website

Once a collection of subscribers is present, newsletters can be sent.

Add a subscriber list
A subscriber list is a collection of guest email addresses. Create different lists for target markets, such as 'leisure guests', 'corporate guests', 'VIP guests' or other segments. It is also possible to group guests by language.

To add a subscriber list:

  1. Click Newsletters > Subscribers
  2. Click Add
  3. Fill in a name and select a language
  4. Click Save

A new subscriber list has now been added. Now, a content item can be created on the website for guest to signup to this list, or subscribers can be added to the list manually.

Screencapture: "Add a subscriber list". Click to enlarge.

Add a single subscriber
When guest email addresses are collected on a daily or weekly frequent base, it is possible to add single entries:

  • Click Newsletters > Subscribers
  • Click on an existing subscriber list
  • Click Add subscriber
  • Fill in the details
  • Click Save

Subscriber language: When selecting the language of a subscriber, enter the language of the guest even though you may not offer newsletters in that language currently. If after an amount of time a lot of subscribers have subscribed in a certain language, the choice can be made to then offer a newsletter in that language too and separate subscriber lists.

Screencapture: "Add a single subscriber". Click to enlarge.

Bulk import multiple subscribers
When email addresses are collected via booking channels, previous newsletter systems, other channels or via your booking engine, a bulk import can place these addresses into a subscriber list. Just make sure the list is a non-formatted Excel file without headers with 3 columns: first name, last name, email address.

To import a list:

  • Click Newsletters > Subscribers
  • On the right of an existing subscriber list, click the icon for Import subscriber list
  • Click Add files
  • Select the Excel file from your computer
  • Click Start upload

The email addresses from the Excel file have now been added to the subscriber list. 

Screencapture: "Bulk import multiple subscribers". Click to enlarge.

Collecting email addresses via your website

It is quite easy to add a content item that will allow guests to sign up for your newsletter. Guests will fill out a short form on your website and will be subscribed to the subscriber list that you have selected. 

Screencapture: "Signup form newsletters". Click to enlarge.


You can add the "Newsletter" form content item to any page on your website. To do so:

  • Click Pages
  • Click Add page to create a new page or click on the name of an existing page to add the signup form to that page
  • Click Add content
  • For Layout, choose Newsletter
  • For Add to mailing list, choose to which of your existing subscriber lists guests will be added to, for this signup form
  • Fill out all fields and enter a short text 
  • Click Save

In the text field, explain what kind of newsletters guests can expect and how frequent you will send newsletters. You can also advise guests that they can always unsubscribe with a single click.

Target markets: If you send out newsletters to diffent target markets, such as Leisure guests or Business guests, you can place a signup form on more than one page. Just select a different subscriber list when creating your content item as explained above.

Screencapture: "Adding a content item: Newsletters signup form". Click to enlarge. 

Ready to send a newsletter? Read the following article: Newsletters: Creating and sending newsletters 

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