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Newsletters: Creating and sending newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to reach out to guests, to inform them of events, specials offers and information on the hotel. These mailings can stimulate traffic via the hotel website and convert into extra bookings. Make sure to link to the hotel website, it is even possible to insert direct links to certain rooms or packages in your booking engine.

Before creating and sending newsletters, make sure to read this article: Newsletters: Adding and importing subscribers.

Create a newsletter
The newsletter module has been designed for easy of use. The hotel logo and brand colours are automatically added to the header and footer of the newsletter. The only thing to do is to enter text and some great pictures. It is possible to create a newsletter in just a few clicks:

  • Click Newsletters > Newsletters
  • Click Add newsletter
  • Enter the details
  • Choose which subscriber list this newsletter will be sent to
  • Place your content
  • Click Save

Now the newsletter is saved. It can be edited later or sent out directly.

Preview: It is possible to send a preview of a newsletter to a single address before saving the newsletter. This preview is sent by default to the main hotel email address. Just enter a different address to send the preview elsewhere!

Screen capture: "Create a newsletter". Click to enlarge.

Send a newsletter

Once a newsletter has been created and saved, it just takes two clicks to send it out! To send an existing newsletter:

  • Click Newsletters > Newsletters
  • Click the red Send newsletter button
  • Click OK to confirm sending

A bar will indicate the progress and the newsletter will be sent in a few seconds.

Copy a newsletter: Once a newsletter had been sent, it is easy to use this as a start for another newsletter for a different subscriber list. Just hit the copy icon behind the sent newsletter to create a new draft.


Screen capture: "Send a newsletter". Click to enlarge.


The newsletter module is created to easily send basic mailings to a maximum of 2500 subscribers. When reaching more subscribers, we recommend to use MailChimp. A connection between the subscriber list within the newsletter module and MailChimp will be developed in the coming months.

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