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New features and fixes through 2014-11-17

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Booking Engine


  • The language switch and currency switch was present in the confirmation page after step 3, while translation is not possible once the booking is confirmed. These switches have now been removed from the confirmation page


Marketing Platform


  • We have renewed the "Preferred Hotel" banners. Read more 


Online Payment


  • When a 'payment request' or 'pay-by-link' is paid, guests will now receive an email confirmation with hotel logo that their payment has been accepted
  • The Reconciliation module has been improved. It is now much easier to find payouts from Ingenico Collect / Tunz to your hotel


Responsive Hotel Website


  • A new template has been added, called "Marquee". Visit our company site to view this brand new template
  • Template "Piccolo": From our Design Store, the website of 2 hotels with the "Piccolo" template are now live:
  • It is now possible for guests to plan their route to your hotel by car, cycling, public transportation or walking 

  • In Directions, guests can now see the total time and distance to travel from their place to your hotel


  • Scrolling the menu in the Content Management System (CMS) was not possible in Internet Explorer (IE)
  • SEO title tags were not linked correctly
  • For a few websites in preview the correct font was not displaying
  • For a few websites in preview the responsive template was not displaying correctly
  • Several other small issues were corrected


Tailor Made Website



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