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New features and fixes through 2014-12-15

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  • Pre-arrival mailing: With the pre arrival mail you can send your guests three days prior their arrival an email with the best tips in and around the hotel. You can think of museums, the chef’s special or your all time favourite things to do in the city. Read more
  • Allotment notifications: With the allotment notifications you receive an automatic notification if you have no allotment anymore in the system of Read more

Booking Engine


  • Promotion code: Hotels that use the Corporate Module to offer guests to book with a promotion code, will now see an improved way of displaying the promo code


  • German reservation confirmations: Some translations have been corrected
  • Hotel Extra´s: Some hotels use hotel extra's of €0, such as free internet or a free extra bed. This resulted in an incorrect calculation for the total reservation total


Marketing Platform


  • Cancellations: In some cases, when reservations made through were cancelled, no notification was sent obligatory. Now when a hotel requests support to cancel a reservation, a cancellation notification is always sent to the guest and to the hotel

Responsive Hotel Website


  • Newsletters: A brand new newsletter module has been created. This module is now available for all hotels using the Responsive Hotel Website. Newsletters are a great way to reach out to guests, to inform them of events, specials offers and information on the hotel. These mailings can stimulate traffic via the hotel website and convert into extra bookings. Read more
  • Managing pictures: Adding and organising images to the CMS has been changed. It is now easier to place images in your Library and to create new image sliders for your website. Read more
  • Cropping pictures: With feedback of our early users of the CMS, we have improved cropping and a brand new way of cropping is now available. Read more

  • When placing the Review Module into the Responsive Hotel Website, the module showed only 2 reviews. Now, you can choose the height of the Review Module via the CMS
  • A new template has been added, called "Cosmopolitan". Visit our company site to view this brand new template
  • Contact form: The form template has been improved. The layout has been sharpened, clutter has been removed to decrease the form's height, the message field has been enlarged for easier use and indicators have been added to show users if their entry is correct
  • From our Design Store, the new website of Hotel Auberge op der Bleech, Luxembourg with the "Piccolo" template is now live
  • From our Design Store, the new website of Hotel Molendal with the "Piccolo" template is now live
  • From our Design Store, the new website of Union Hotel, Dortmund with the "Piccolo" template is now live
  • From our Design Store, the new website of Haarlem Hotel Suites with the "Marquee" template is now live


  • The hotel logo was not always showing in the login page for previews and for the CMS login page
  • Previously, it was possible to set a page to open in a ´fancybox´ as an overlay on the website. On mobile devices, this does not work well. Therefore the use of ´fancybox´ elements has been removed. Now this will open in a new browser tab


Tailor Made Website


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