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New features and fixes through 2014-12-29

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Booking Engine


  • Pre-arrival mailing: It is now possible to include links into the pre-arrival mailing. With the pre-arrival mailing an email can be sent to guests automatically, three days prior their arrival. Read more
  • Discount code field: The optional discount code field now checks if the code entered by the user is correct. The user will see a warning message to make it more clear to a guest when the code is incorrect

Responsive Hotel Website


  • Corporate module: For hotels using the corporate module, when an incorrect discount code is entered by a guest an error message will show. This will show guests more clearly when a code is entered incorrectly
  • Review module: For hotels using the review module, it is now possible to set the height of the review module frame via the Content Management System (CMS)


  • Newsletters: Several small functions and improvements have been added to the newsletter module to make it more user-friendly for hotel users. Read more about the newsletter module
  • Translations: Hotels can enter translations of fixed texts at all times. However, standard translations such as Book, Arrival, Departure and other texts have now been added in 6 standard languages automatically. This includes Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian

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