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New features and fixes through 2015-01-12

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Booking Engine


  • Pre-arrival mail: With the pre-arrival mailing an email can be sent to guests automatically, 3 days prior to their arrival. If guests would book 2 days prior to their arrival, they would not get this informative email. This has been improved, so guests who book less than 3 days prior will also receive this email
  • Upsell extra's: Guests are able to select extra's such as champagne or an extra bed in Step 3 of the booking process. There has been an improvement on how these extra's are displayed in the booking screen, booking confirmation and XML messages to channel managers. Before, extra's were displayed as "Breakfast 2x €14", now it will be displayed as "Breakfast: 2 x € 14,00 per person, per day   €28,00"
  • Corporate Module: Hotels can now pre-set a discount code for their booking engine. This would show this code by default in the 'promotional code' field


  • Pre-arrival mail: With the pre-arrival mailing an email can be sent to guests automatically, three days prior to their arrival. Accented letters in words were displayed incorrectly
  • Corporate Module: In rare cases, guests would login to the corporate module with one code and then login with another code. On some occasions, guests who logged in with the other code would still be logged in with the first code
  • Corporate Module: Hotels can use direct links where the corporate discount code is prefilled. Before, if links of two different corporate user logins were used, the second link would sometimes be logging in as the first user. This has been resolved, making it possible for the same user to login with separate links of multiple corporate user accounts

Online Payment


  • iTesso / ITS RezExchange: We are now sending 'XML tags' with payment information to channel managers and PMS systems. iTesso / ITS RezExchange now processes these tags, so users of iTesso will now be able to see payments of reservations in their booking system directly

Responsive Hotel Website


  • Badges: A brand new function has been added to the Content Management System (CMS) to integrate 'badges', such as awards, banners, review widgets, seals and logos. 
  • Corporate Module: When the corporate module is activated and guests enter an incorrect discount code into the hotel website's booking calendar when using a mobile device, an error will tell the guest that the code is incorrect


  • Newsletters: When exporting newsletter subscribers with accented letters in their name, these characters were displayed incorrectly
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