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New features and fixes through 2015-02-09

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Booking Engine


  • Several conversion optimizations to the booking process have been made, such as displaying payment methods. This way, guests will see earlier in the process that they can pay with their preferred method
  • Another conversion optimization to the booking process is an improvement to the confirmation page of bookings. As an example, guests can directly print, download or add their reservation to their calendar
  • Review Badge: Is is now possible to show the review score of reservations via the booking engine on your own website, via an easy-to-implement badge. This can be implemented with a simple HTML-code for the Review Badge
  • The script to implement the booking engine has been improved. It's faster and easier to implement. Only basic knowledge of HTML is needed to implement the booking engine on any website

Mobile Website


  • Sociale media icons: These icons were not displayed correctly on a Windows Phone

Responsive Hotel Website


  • Google Webmaster Tools: Verification files for Google Webmaster Tools and files for Google campagnes are now integrated into the system of the Responsive Hotel Website builder. Now, these files do not have to be implemented for each individual website, but will be available directly


  • Newsletters: There was an small issue with the amount while adding subscribers in a subscriber list for newsletters where the maximum amount of 2500 subscribers could not be reached. Texts in several languages for the unsubscribe function has also been improved
  • Marquee template: The height of the menu in the marquee template has been improved, to fit to all screen sizes such as tablets. Also, when many menu items are used, scrolling is now possible

Tailor Made Website

New websites

  • Sandton Hotels is a collection of hotels in Holland, Belgium and France, all with great locations. A tailor made website for this hotel chain is now live. Visit this website both on your desktop and smartphone to see it's responsiveness!
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