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Configuring your email

When setting up email, we want to ensure that you don't miss out on any messages. Therefore, we recommend following below setup instructions.


  • Your domain is not hosted with us
  • Choosing between email hosting via an Exchange Server or via POP
  • Email settings for email is hosted via an Exchange Server
  • Email settings for email is hosted with

Your domain is not hosted with
In case your domain name (URL) is not hosted with, your email is always hosted elsewhere. We recommend to contact the company that manages your email in case of questions. 

Note Read more if about Checking if your domain name is hosted by us, if you are not sure if your domain name is hosted by

Choosing between email hosting via an Exchange Server or via POP offers basic email service via POP and SMTP. You also have the option to work with an external party to setup more advanced email.

Basic POP-email via
The basic email service, offered by allows you to send and receive email on one computer. Emails will be downloaded from the server and will be stored locally on your computer.

Advanced email via an Exchange Server
When more advanced email management is desired, we recommend to work with an email provider, such as Microsoft Exchange. Benefits are that email is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere on any device.

Your IT Manager can assist you in signing up for such service. During the installation process, your IT Manager will send us server addresses (IP addresses) to which all email traffic will be directed.


Email settings for email is hosted via an Exchange Server
The following paragraph assumes that your domain name is hosted with

When your IT Manager or email provider has setup an Exchange Server for you, they can submit a request to our support team to direct all email traffic to the Exchange Server. 

We will need to know all required DNS-settings, including:

  • TXT-records for verification
  • MX-records including priority to route all email
  • TXT-records for SPF to prevent spam
  • SRV-records if applicable

We will change the DNS-settings on the requested date around 10 am. The change should be requested at least 2 working days before.


Email settings for POP-email hosted with
The following paragraph assumes that your domain name is hosted with

Incoming mail via POP
To receive email, we recommend using the following settings in your mail client:

POP-server (replace
Username (your full e-mail addres)
Password The password provided 

Outgoing mail via SMTP
To send email, we recommend using the following settings in your mail client:

SMTP-server (replace with your domain name)
Username (your full e-mailadres)
Password The password provided for your username
Port 25 or 587 (this depends on your internet provider, try both)
Secure authentication No

Note As the port for outgoing mail can change, depending on your computer and URL, we recommend trying both ports.

Note When the outgoing mail via SMTP through our server doesn't work. Please request the name of the customer's internet provider and their mail client version. Outgoing server settings can be looked up on the internet depending on the outcome of these questions.
Just Google: Outgoing SMTP settings POP [insert mail client] [insert mailclient version] [insert internet provider name]

Note When using Outlook 2013 please refer to this external article to see where the above settings need to be implemented.


Setting up your email, explained in screenshots
To setup your email in Outlook, go through the following steps:

  1. Go to File

  2. Go to Account Settings > Account Settings

  3. Click on New

  4. Choose E-mail account, click Next
  5. Choose Manual setup or additional server types, click Next

  6. Choose POP, click Next

  7. Enter the information as described in the tables above these screenshots and click on 'verbinding maken'

  8. Fill in the correct e-mail password and click on Ok. 
    The username is your emailaddress.
    Do the same for


  9. Now the account is added. Please click in Account Settings on the e-mailaddress and click on Edit / Wijzigen


  10. Click on More settings ... / Meer instellingen ... > Advanced / Geavanceerd


  11. Uncheck This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)
  12. Choose 25 or 587 as Outgoing server (SMTP) this depends on your domain
  13. Check all boxes under Delivery and enter days to leave a copy on the mailserver
  14. Click OK

  15. Click Next in the main settings screen and fill in both passwords

  16. Outlook should now start checking if incoming and outgoing email works. If this gives an error, try changing the port (see step 12)

  17. Click Finish 

  18. Click Close to close the Account settings screen

  19. You should now see your mailbox in the left menu of Outlook

  20. Click on Inbox to see your emails



If you are on the road, or if you have no access to your email via your mail client, you can always login to your webmail account:

URL (replace
Username (your full email addres)
Password  The password provided


Even though your mail client may indicate that your setup is complete, we recommend testing your email by sending an email to any external email address (such as to your private or account). When you receive the test email, also reply to that email to see if your incoming email works as well.


Note The POP-mailservice which provides is an internet service, always accessible via webmail. An extra option, is to access your email via POP on your local computer via your email client. The POP-service does not include the setup of the mail client on your local computer, this should always be done by your system administrator


Setting up email can be tricky. If you have followed the steps above and if you are still unable to use your email, don't hesitate to contact us. We are not responsible for the setup of your mail client, but we're always happy to assist as much as we can!


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