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Professional pictures for your website

A picture is worth a thousand words, professional pictures even more. Therefore it is important to show quality photos of professional quality on your website. There are various ways to find pictures of professional quality for your website.


Using professional stock photos
Stock photos are photos with an excellent quality which can be used for various reasons. These photos are often offered by stock websites. On the internet you find many image libraries where you can buy excellent pictures but are relatively expensive. Luckily there are a few alternatives where you can use stock images for free on your website!

Each photo can be characterized as a stock photo is it meets certain requirements. Therefore you are only allowed to put a stock photo is you have a purchased license. If you do not have a valid license the change might be that the holder of the photo force you to delete the photo from the website.

Please note: Also hoteliers dealt with financial claims in the past due to unlawful use of photo material. Therefore use only photos where you posses a valid license for.

Paid stock photo websites
On the internet you find various websites where you can purchase photos of high quality for your own website. Unfortunately there are some websites who sell these photos without licenses. Therefore we recommend using only the websites below for purchasing legal stock photos:

The benefit of paid stock photos is that you find less the same picture on other hotel websites so you maintain your own identity.

Free stock photo websites
There are a few websites on the internet who offer free and license free images. Therefore you are allowed to use these images on your websites or other commercial purposes. Below you find some suggestions. Please note that the image is marked as free use for commercial purposes before you using the image.

Creating photos by a photographer
Your website is a online business card for your hotel. Guests now a days are more looking at the own website to get an impression of the quality which they can expect in the hotel. Photos and images are the best methods for displaying the quality.

Therefore it is highly recommended to create the photos of the hotel and rooms by a professional photographer. Send us a request if we can recommend a photographer.

Other ways to get high quality photos
There also other creative ways to collect photos of the hotel and environment. You can think about photographer students which can photograph your hotel as a thesis, or contact the local tourist office and ask for photos to promote the region.

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