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Find an answer using the Support Center

The Support Center is a platform for hoteliers to get information on the products and to find tips and tricks on products and other online marketing subjects. 

The top bar to switch language and to login



In the top bar, the language can be switched currently from English to Dutch. A user can also login to see their pending support requests and to leave comments on articles.

The search bar to quickly find your answer



Search is the best way to find an answer quickly. There is also an option to chat with us via the left "Ask us" tab.

If you don't find what you're looking for, please submit a request to our Support Team. We'll be happy to assist.

Highlighted articles to check the latest news



The newest features and fixes and other important articles are promoted on top of the Support Center. These promoted articles can also be found in the regular categories and sections below.

Categories and sections to browse through content


Categories are divided into product groups. When you start with a product or when you have a question, you can browse through this content.

Many times, articles are placed into one product group, but may be applicable to other products as well. Therefore, we recommend to use the search bar on top if you are looking for a specific answer.

The live satisfaction score, feedback received from you



Our Support system allows us to assist hoteliers and guests promptly. Whenever a support request comes in via, via the Support Center, or via social media, a ticket is created. 

We seperate your tickets if they are about seperate subjects, we combine your tickets when they are about the same subjects.

The real-time score can be found on the homepage of the Support Center.

How is the real-time satisfaction score calculated? 
In the example above from February 2020, we received a rating of 100%. For 100% of solved requests, a question is sent to the hotelier or guests upon solving the ticket: "Are you happy with the Support". This can be answered within one simple click "Yes" or "No". Because rating tickets has been made so easy, we receive a lot of ratings per day. The live score is the score over the last 100 rated tickets.

Below, you can place a comment, in case you have a suggestion or question about this article. If case you have a bug, complaint or question concerning your account, we recommend to use "Submit a request" at the top of this page.
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