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Show only available rates in your booking engine

With the new option for showing available rates only, you have the possibility to present your allotment even more clear to your guests. In this article we give you the benefits and disadvantages of showing available rates only and how you can apply this for your booking engine.


  1. Benefits of showing only available rates
  2. Disadvantages of showing only available rates
  3. Activating 'Show available rates only' in the booking engine

1. Benefits of showing only available rates
Showing available rates only has an advantage for your booking engine if you offer more than four room types and more than four rates.

If you show available as unavailable rates as well in your booking engines, it is possible that guests will leave the booking engine because there is too much choice and you miss business. By showing only available rates on the date of choice, the overview will be more clear for guests.

2. Disadvantages of showing only available rates
However, by showing only the available rates on the date of choice, guests will not see specials which are not available on the date. It is possible that you offer a three night special, but which is not available on the date of choice. Guests will see the prices for your standard rate but non promotion prices (if these are not available for the selected day), while a guest may be triggered to book a three night special the next day if they can see this special.

3. Activating 'Show available rates only' in the booking engine?
As indicated above, we advise you to use this option if you offer a lot of room types and rates. If you offer, for example, only a double room with a standard rate, long stay, prepay & save and B&B rate it is not advisable to show only available rates (you will show all your options for the guest).

Activating in the booking engine
You can activate this option in the extranet of via the following steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Click White Label + Whitelabel+ settings
  3. Set Show available rates only to Yes

Note: If you choose to use the option 'Show available rates only', we highly recommend to use the option together with the “Show available rooms/packages on top”. This way you will always show available allotment at the top of the booking engine. Contact your support member at for advice by submitting a new request.

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