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Cancelling a reservation via

Guests cancel their reservations by sending an email or by phone at the hotel. Bookings made through the booking engine or marketing platform can be easily cancelled by the hotel. In this article we show you how you can cancel a reservation.


  1. The importance of cancelling reservations
  2. How to cancel a reservation

1. The importance of cancelling reservations
It is important to cancel reservations in the extranet of due to the following reasons:

  • If a reservation is cancelled, a guest will not receive a request for a review
  • The revenue which is generated through the booking engine and marketing platform is calculated by the booking revenue. If a reservation is cancelled, the system will automaticly remove the revenue from the total turnover
  • If you use the arrival list option, you will receive an up-to-date list of guests which will arrive in the hotel. Cancelled reservations will be removed from this arrival list

2. How to cancel a reservations
Follow the following steps to easily cancel reservations through

  1. When logged in, click on the tab Bookings
  2. Search the reservation by reservation number or guest name (insert at the right side of the screen)
  3. Click on the booking ID or on Edit booking
  4. In this screen you can modify the status of the booking. There are a few options to replace the status of the booking. Click on Cancelled by hotel if the hotel cancels the booking or use Cancelled by guest if the guest cancels the reservation. Mostly you will use the option “cancelled by guest”
  5. Click Save and enter the reason of cancellation

Note: An email notification of the cancellation with cancellation reason will both be sent to the guest and to the hotel.

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