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Reminder mail for unfinished bookings

We keep developing tools to increase conversion for hoteliers and to optimize bookings. A new feature makes it possible to send guests who already started their booking, but did not finish their booking, a reminder email.

When will a reminder email be sent to guests?
When guests have found a room and rate in the booking engine, they usually click on "Book Now" which leads them to the secure booking environment. After completing 3 short steps, their booking is confirmed.

Once they enter the secure environment, this usually means that they already have the intention to stay at your property. Some guests however get distracted or just don't have their payment details ready. To make sure they book at your property, it is possible to send an email to guests who completed Step 1 in the secure booking environment.

What does the reminder email look like?
The reminder is a standardized email, available in all six languages of the booking engine. It is currently not possible to adjust the text. It is also possible to deactivate the reminder for all guests completely.

Besides the guest's name, the reminder includes:

  • A link to book the same room which was selected while the guest was booking initially, only if this room is still available
  • A note that the email is only sent once to the guest
  • An unsubscribe link if guests do not want to receive a notification in the future

The reminder will be sent:

  • After 24 hours 
  • If the hotel has activated the reminder (it's activated by default)
  • If the room and rate combination is still available

The reminder will not be sent if:

  • The hotel has deactivated the reminder (see below chapter)
  • The room and rate combination is no longer available
  • The guest has unsubscribed to these notifications previously
  • The booking is for the same day

Note: You might wonder how many bookings are generated through this new feature. Therefore, it´s possible to see this in the via the Bookings tab. You will see "Website reminder" and "Mobile website reminder" when bookings are made due to this feature.


Turning the reminder email off
We recommend leaving the reminder email on. Even if guests don't wish to receive this notification, they only receive this notification once and they can easily unsubscribe for future booking searches. 

Turning the reminder off might have a disadvantage to your conversion rate. If you have any doubts, please contact Support before turning this function off.

If you still want to disable this reminder, you can do this through the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to Hotel Data Hotel Settings
  3. Set Step one reminder mail to No
  4. Click Save

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